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Palm Beach County Computer Forensics

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Fairfield Investigation is a forensics firm that provides consulting to law enforcement, government agencies, banks, corporations and law firms. We are committed to providing advanced and investigative consulting for clients who need guidance. In many cases, we work with criminal defense attorneys who are developing cases for clients accused of cybercrimes. Allow us to partner with you today!

Some of our many services include:

At the core, our team aims to provide an accurate assessment of incident response intervention using the analytical skills we have developed over the years. We are here to help you work through a complex criminal defense case or accusations against your bank or company.

Experienced and Certified

Our director of investigations, Anthony Pullano, is a highly talented network consultant with an abundance of certifications. He has pursued extensive training so he can best assist you in your case. Alone, our founding investigator has 30 years of experience.

His impressive list of certifications and licenses includes:

  • Licensed private investigator
  • Board certified criminal defense investigator by the C.D.I.T.C.
  • Certified in the Component Method
  • Certified digital forensic investigator
  • Certified digital forensic instructor
  • Certified criminal defense investigator
  • Certified hacking forensic investigator
  • Certified computer forensic examiner
  • Microsoft Certified OEM systems builder

Mr. Pullano has conducted over 2,600 client interviews for the Public Defender's Office of the 19th judicial court of Florida, and has conducted more than 1,200 client interviews in the private sector. He is proficient in E-Discovery and document management with Concordance®, both of which allow him to best organize data into a proper method so it can be presented at trial.

In addition to his certifications, Mr. Pullano has been honored as the Investigator of the Year for the Public Defender's Office 19th Judicial Circuit. He has also been named the Director of Area 10 and the 2nd Vice President for the Florida Association of License Investigators. He is a part of the Palm Beach County's Home Land Security Council and he is the Chief Computer Forensic Examiner for Palm Beach County Anti-Stalking Collaborative.

What We Can Offer You

At Fairfield Investigation, you can trust us to assess your situation or uncover needed evidence using highly complex and detailed computer forensics. Whether you are a criminal defense attorney looking for outside help on a computer crimes case or a company needing assistance with a forensic investigation, we can help.

Contact our talented team today if you want assistance with digital forensic matters from a professional team that is licensed and certified to handle your case!